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Thousand Words

A Thousand Words

In 2012 MCFA joined Madison's Forward Theater as they presented the world premier of Gwen Rice's play: "A Thousand Words."


Turning Point Show

Turning Point

For this exhibition, MCFA created fiber art that visually expresses their view of a significant “turning point”: a meaningful experience or subject matter that opened their eyes to a new perspective, affected their creative endeavors, or gave them a new view of the world.

Hanging by a Thread?

. . . was an artistic challenge to explore the topic of social justice in the broadest sense - racism, sexism, homophobia, global warming, war, domestic violence, all of it, any of it. Artists asked themselves questions such as “What gets me fired up?” and  “What is going on in this world that I want to make a statement about?”  They challenged themselves to do something daring, something on the edge, something to call attention to a cause they care about, something to make the viewer think. The diversity of the work and the topics represent the wide range of issues and feelings that are constantly surfacing in our society. As you view this show, we challenge you to open your mind and heart and think a bit deeper about the issues presented.  What gets you fired up?



Small Worlds Small Worlds



Archive of Past Shows


Madison Senior Center
Madison, WI - February 2017


UW Arboretum Visitor Center
Madison, WI - October, 2016

Branching Out

Gallery 110 North, Plymouth Arts Center
Plymouth, WI - October-November 2015

In Living Color

Anderson Arts Center, Kenosha, WI
January - March, 2015

In Living Color

Pyle Center, UW-Madison, Madison, WI
April - May 2014

Wild Things

Olbrich Gardens, Madison, WI
January - April 2013

A Thousand Words

Overture Center, Madison, WI
December 2011 - March 2012

A Thousand Words

Sundance Cinema, Madison, WI
October - December 2011

Turning Point

Overture Center, Madison, WI
January - April 2011

"Small, Green and Gorgeous"
Fiber Art Challenge

Madison Senior Center, Madison, WI
September, 2010

Water and Waves

Beaver Dam Arts Center, Beaver Dam, WI
June - August 2010

Hanging By A Thread and
Fiber, Fiber Everywhere!

Beaver Dam Arts Center, Beaver Dam, WI
June 2009

Hanging By A Thread

Gallery 110 North, Plymouth Arts Center
Plymouth, WI - August - September 2008


Quilter's Heritage Celebration
Lancaster, PA - April 2007

Women's Words - Women's Works

Monroe Arts Center, Monroe, WI
February 2007

Beaver Dam Arts Center

Beaver Dam, WI - April 2006

Recent Works

Portage Center for the Arts, Portage, WI
November 2005


Overture Center, Madison, WI
July - September 2005

Natural Wonders - a group show of botanical art

Olbrich Gardens, Madison, WI
September - December 2004

Small Worlds - a traveling show



Spring Green Community Library
Spring Green, WI - November 2004

Art Beat Gallery, Madison WI
September 2004

Willow Valley Manor North
Lancaster, PA - May 2004

Willow Valley Cultural Center
Willow St., PA - April 2004

Quilters' Heritage Celebration
Lancaster, PA - March 2004

Moonstone Gallery, Lake Geneva, WI
January 2004

Green Lantern Gallery, Mineral Point, WI
December 2003

Frehner Gallery, Monroe, WI - November 2003

ArtFitters, Madison, WI - August 2003

Pentucket Arts Center
Haverhill, MA - June 2003

Fiber Art 2003

Madison Public Library, Madison, WI
May 2003


Wisconsin Arts Board Offices
Madison, WI - July 2002

Threads of Necessity, Threads of Beauty

Seipel Homestead & Center for the Arts
Beaver Dam, WI April 2002

Poems Without Words

Zona Gale Center Gallery
Portage, WI - January 2002

Fiber Art 2001

Madison Public Library, Madison, WI
July 2001

Fiber Art 2000

Madison Public Library, Madison, WI
October 2000

New Work by Madison Contemporary Fiber Artists

Jeweler’s Workshop, Madison, WI
January 2000

Fiber Landscape

UW Arboretum, Madison, WI
August 1999


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