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Current Show:

"BRANCHING OUT" Fiber Arts Exhibit
at the Plymouth Arts Center, Plymouth WI
October 9 - November 27, 2015

We chose "Branching Out" as is an artistic challenge for our members to explore the topic of pushing ourselves into new directions as artists. Some took the challenge literally others more conceptually.

Each of us asked the question "What would happen if....???"
... if I try a new material?
... if I try a new technique?
... if I try a new color pallet?
... if I take a risk -- where will it lead me?

Branching out keeps us nature being alive means budding out, creating new shoots, turning green. As artists, we strive to push ourselves to stay alive and have many growing edges to our work. Enjoy viewing the way we have experienced this growth. We invite you to ask yourself "What if...? the next time you are faced with a creative challenge or.... for that matter, any life challenge...

In 2016:

"CONNECTIONS" Fiber Arts Exhibit
at the University of Wisconsin Arboretum, Madison WI
September/October, 2016


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