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Membership is open to anyone with an interest in fiber arts. The cost of membership is $20/year beginning in January. There is no pro-rated price if one joins later on in the year. Membership includes access to the list serve, listing on the website, ability to participate in shows, and more.


MCFA meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month, January through October. More information about meetings on the "Calendar" page.

2017 Members

The following is a "pretty current" list of members, with email links and websites if applicable.

Name Email Website

Anderson, Cindy

caa1032 at  

Armour, David

david.armour at  

Bak, Marian

marianbak1936 at  

Bak-Mahlkuch, Laura

laura_lab at  

Binkley, Lisa

lbinkley at

Blake, Nancy

nbblake at  

Braus, Kate

kate.s.braus at  

Butler Berns, Wendy

wbbquilter at
Daly, Nancy nmdaly at  

de Vries, Geke

geke.devries at

Dempsey, Diane

dempsey1 at

Erbach, Lynne

lynne at

Ewers, Gini

gini.ewers at

Flynn, Candy

candyflynn at

Gottlieb, Laura Moss

lauragottlieb at

Gross, Ruth

bowzer5678 at

Hanson, Karin

karinleeh at
Hart, Mary Alice horst_mary at

Jackan, Susan

jackleit at
Kades, Deborah deborah.kades at
Kaufman, Dvorah dvorahkaufman at

Kroth, Pat

krothp at

Leeson, Jean

JeanLeeson1 at

Lueders, Deb

dlueders at

Lulack, Barbara

mothercat03 at

McKiernan, Susan

shmckier at  
Miles, Sally sally.miles at  

Moller, Pam

crowsflystudio at  

Mooney, Jane

bluemooney1024 at  
Nelson, Leslee Lesleeathome at

Neusen, Linda

linda at

Niebauer, Pam

pamela.niebauer at

Petillo, Marty 

mtp at

Pustz, Linda

donamlin at

Quinn, Mary

maryquade at

Schrank, Barbara

schrank4 at

Schwartz, Sandy

ssch at
Sereda, Donna donna.sereda at

Silvers, Karen

ks at

Somers, Eileen

lee.somers1 at  
Thomas, Chris tini-t at


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